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A lesson from a sunset

"Imagine a place where there are breathtaking sunsets. Everyone who visits this place talks about them. They take pictures and post them on social media. The artistic observer attempts to capture the beauty of the sunset in a watercolor painting. Ask yourself: is the sunset any greater, any more spectacular because these people appreciate its beauty?"

"Now imagine that there is a man living in this scenic place who was born blind. He has never seen the sunsets. Perhaps he tires of hearing the locals and tourists talk about them. If he decides not to believe in the splendor of the sunsets because he has never experienced them, are they in any way diminished? Are they any less beautiful, less colorful?

"Even so, because He is infinitely complete and self-sustaining, God's perfections are not increased if all of humanity recognizes them, nor are they diminished if all of humanity denies them. He transcends us." (Behold Your God, 14)

It is one thing to miss a sunset. It is - and will be - entirely different to miss your God. Choosing to ignore Him does not make Him go away.

If you would be interested in joining us for a study on the attributes of God, please let us know. There are over 20 of us going through this study together, and we are just getting started.

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