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We are a group of about 30 friends who came together and started to meet on March 1, 2020.

We have had sermon series through 2 Corinthians, Acts, 2 Peter, and most recently Ruth.

We were excited to have the need to start a Sunday School ministry in August of 2020.

Today, nearly 2 out of 3 attenders in worship participate in Sunday School.

We have since been able to add a nursery and children's church that is held during the sermon.

We have been known to have fun along the way:  game nights, chili cook-offs, harvest parties, hymn sings, work-nights, caroling, men's breakfasts, showers...

If we can introduce someone to Jesus or encourage anyone in their walk, we treasure the opportunity.

Today, our average attendance is in the 60s, and we continue to grow.

We are big enough for you to fit in, but we are small enough for you to be known.

People drive from Wabash, North Grove, Delphi, and Macy (up to 40 minutes one-way) to be a part.

Today, you will find a good mix of ages and backgrounds as new friends have become family.

Many of our members lead ministries in the local community, and most of our families homeschool. 

This is a bit of what God has done!  Now we are looking forward to see what God will do!

We are launching "Sunday night wrestling" in January 2022 to equip men to lead.

We have been challenged through 2022 with significant financial support to engage our local community.

We are hosting a youth group from sister churches in Texas as a mission outreach in June 2022.

God is on the move here!