We are a group of people who just started formally meeting on March 1st of this year.

Some have come with the intent of starting a church.  Others have come to be encouraged.

Some intend on being here for the long-haul.  Others are here for a season.

All are welcome.

If we can introduce someone to Jesus or encourage anyone in their walk with Jesus, we treasure the opportunity.

Our average attendance was in the 30s when we met in March.

We are big enough for you not to be singled out, but we are small enough for you to be known.

We had enough kids to start a Sunday school program back in August,

yet there are several retired couples within our fellowship.

There is a good balance here, and you - regardless of your age, background, or status - would be a good fit.

Yet, understand, this is really not "about us."  It is about HIM.  It is about a Father who loves us so much He sent His Son to pay our debt of rebellion that we may be reconciled - restored - back to Him.  It is about Jesus who came to earth, took on flesh and blood, and died in our place that we may have hope, peace, and eternal life with Him.  And it is because of this that we - despite how different we may be - may be united with Him as His children and together be family. 

This is what God has done!  Now we are looking forward to see what God will do!