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We began as a group of about 30 friends who came together and started meeting on March 1, 2020.

Today, we are a family with weekly attendance in the 70s...and growing!

Yes, friends are becoming family here!!

"Being able to walk into a church that makes you feel like you came home is something I've been looking for and I am so thankful that God led us here. More importantly, Cornerstone has a heart for our community and being able to be a part of that is a blessing." – T.E.

We are committed to expository preaching and biblical teaching.

67% of those in worship participate in Sunday School.

We have mid-week Bible study via Zoom.

We have bi-weekly "men's wrestling" on Sunday nights.

"We greatly appreciate the values of expository and Gospel-centric preaching and teaching.  Cornerstone Fellowship has affirmed our family with healing and restoration through caring individuals and leadership."  – S. & M.

We have been known to have fun along the way:  game nights, chili cook-offs, harvest parties, hymn sings, work-nights, caroling, men's breakfasts, showers...

People generally hang around and talk up to an hour after our services.

We enjoy being together, and we enjoy one another!

"We fellowship and serve at Cornerstone because of the community we have found there, which includes a group of people who celebrate God’s work and blessings in their lives, acknowledge their sins and difficulties, dedicate time and effort to Biblically-centered teaching and study, and desire to reach unbelievers in the community.   We invest in Cornerstone because it challenges us and blesses us in our relationship with God."  – A. & E.

If we can introduce someone to Jesus or encourage anyone in their walk, we treasure the opportunity.

"Cornerstone Fellowship Church is all about soul care for the saved and for the not-yet saved."  - R.H.

God is on the move here!  Why not visit us this Sunday?


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