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Bibles for Malawi

We were blessed to have the opportunity to gather the funds to provide Bibles to our brothers and sisters in the country of Malawi in Africa. We received word there was a need for 130 Bibles across two different churches.

Chitala Baptist Church was one of those two churches, and they distributed the Bibles yesterday. They have provided a video singing a song "that they have instruments that encourage them to be strong which are Bibles" (Abusa Everson).

Abusa Edington, who is the pastor of Chitala Baptist Church, shared, "Words in the video says <in> 1 Thessalonians and 2 Thessalonians Paul encourages to work hard. Now we have the tools we will work hard. We have the tools!! We will work hard.

"Thank you a 1000x my people have tools. There was rejoicing in church this morning."

This is the church where Richard and Suzanne Eckerley and Pastor Brad and Natasha Eckerley had the opportunity to provide leadership training and preach back in 2017 along with two other couples. This is where we met Abusa Edington and Abusa Everson.

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