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What We are Doing - with a little bit of "Why"

We were recently presented with this question from the study Behold Your God, “Can you think of lies that you are believing, areas of pride that you are harboring, or sins and doubts that you are justifying?”  Personally, I think this was a trick question.  For how can I know where I am being deceived?

This is one of many reasons why I strongly favor expositional preaching and teaching.  For there are two ways of approaching the Scriptures…

Approach #1: Choose a text that you want to read, teach, or preach.  When we take this approach we are prone to place ourselves over the text and select what is easy, comfortable, and supports our thinking.  The long-term danger is our blindspots are never challenged or exposed.

Approach #2: Choose a book of the Bible to study, teach, or preach your way through the text.  When we take this approach we are prone to place ourselves under the text as we will encounter sections that are unfamiliar, difficult, and may challenge our thinking.  For me this is living out 2 Timothy 3:16-17 with the promise that all scripture is profitable for leading the man of God to be complete.

So here at Cornerstone Fellowship, this is a bit of the background as to why we take approach #2…and why I have been known to wrestle with books like John and Revelation but also with books like Amos, Jeremiah, and now 2 Corinthians.  For me it is taking God at His Word as we place ourselves under His Word.  

Sunday night gathering every week at 7p

  • Log on to your computers here —> (contact me for the easy internet link)

  • If you prefer to join by phone, the number is —> (contact me for the number)

This week we will consider 2 Corinthians 3:1-4:6

I do not share our contact information openly because there have been cases nationally with Zoom where people have joined meetings for the purpose of being disruptive.


Also, as a reminder, we continue to meet on Wednesday nights to discuss the Behold Your God: The Weight of Majesty book study on the attributes of God.  There are now 26 of us with books!

If you want to be a part of this study group, it is not too late to join.  Each week’s chapter focuses on a particular attribute.

If you are interested in joining this group, please let me know.  I will get you a book.

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